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O Canada OUr home and native land!


                                                    Ottoman-Kanata Unravel 

                                               Written in Confinement: Blue Mountain Mist

 Once upon a time a handful of shamans roamed the planet! They transformed us into our global heritage and legacy.                             
The Ottoman- Kanata unravel began with an ironic twist of faith and the  going  of backwards  regarding an in depth look at the analysis of the start of life. The historic story of “Shaman Was  Thy  Name” is  how it commenced. Our human timeline, completely removed from history and not  to be confused with  medicine doctors or  priests. Followed by its human developmental journey  spanned across a timeline of two million years  to  10,000BC is our  focus today.   
 The truth is the globe is changing and the speed of information is more readily accessible. One would think the pushing of advancement was easy in the 21st Century, not so this author learned the hard way. Canada proved to be an even greater challenge! Partly due to the fact in historical timelines, it is still relatively new to the rest of the world, which in turned made the launch of the several publications delayed. The content was so heavy academics were hesitant on how other  countries  would react.
 Canada encountered an Omen. The battle of the century had started between different countries, their political agendas, the flow of information, the shakeup of religion and one author’s legal democratic right. In turn and the end result is I paid heavily for the separation of academics from politics, challenging continuously those who protect for being confined and the bright light that came on  regarding humanities global history.
 In the dark the questions posed to me were is this a mental breakdown, has someone done something to you, are you a  foreign spy or some type of sophisticated android? Yildiz they would say it is the irregularities of what has happened to you  and the religious component! What do we tell other world leaders and many in the public who are so scientifically based and have worked years in academia?
 We absolutely can't bring all of this out. “Ever heard of luck,” was my response or winning the one in seven billion, lotto?
 I  swear the following is true! It is a combination of my multi-faceted background, years of sensory- observational  intelligence  or maybe my prayer in a church under extreme pressures which brought out divine. In the end the concept of  progressive  thought somewhat won and the rest of you can bring out the more controversial topics 100 years from now  was my  blatantly cocky response. Can't a human diverge into several different areas without sustaining further injury?
 Are these academics topics stolen, no one on earth has brought out several different topics like this? In addition, the  Middle East has changed. One thousands times the light shone brightly in my face.  No, not really; is this not excessive? Please can you  stop I responded. If it makes you feel better in my darkest times you can blame my  lucky house of God I just randomly ran  into for  comfort.  Furthermore, we are pushing a different style of academia and  merging  topics like  linguistics,  anthropology,  spirituality,  human social behaviors and our environment’s role. Merging topics helps us advance further and now we are able  to break perceptions. Call it the Borg but for planet earth; one we have now all become.
Besides dont limit the mind, instead build by opening up human intelligence to a spectrum of ranges versus just book smart. I do  understand though,  you are all atheist, and  this story  is very irregular but you absolutely did not have the legal right to impersonate (doubling),  discredit and distribute my work.
 My original goal was ultimately promoting a different cognitive thought process in pushing evolving to a whole new  frontier.  One with a global progressive vision for advancing.  What year are we in anyways? What do you mean this is  politics and  because of weapons contracts we now have American actor’s role playing?
Academic Portion.
           The Unravel Began With Reports On :
 Historical Injustices (Academic Environmental, Case Overview)==> Reasons (The birth / yet contradictory protection of  Distinctions) ==> Lets take it back  further (Anthropological Component & The  start of life) ==> Ending with my years  of Operational Management proposals  and pilot projects:
 The story began with the release of some of the notes plus Animal to Hominid to Universities in 2013, the licensing and trademark of Kanata Means Wings. Followed by four years of  torment  and  house arrest, an author stuck in the ugly world of language and human dissection, but I can  assure  you I told  them this was all academic! 
The Ottoman Portion (+ My Father's Biography and Memoir)
Are you serious the blank look given? Luck prevailed my DNA linked me to one  of the riches  men in the world, hey this is not funny.  What if we did not have this thing called DNA The spoiled role of  socio-economics here and now being able to get out of jail for free card.
 Keep in mind prior to my freedom granted it was meant that Blue Mountain Mist  written in confinement had to diverge to literarcy  musical verses just to pass majority of this through. Ok I told them you can definitely blacklist  the  books 4/7; but please may  I have  the  rest  of my research given back so we can focus on an actual Canadian and a golden thesis- called Evolving  preferred?
 Give me your  hand, I will always side for the poor because of my upbringing but thanks for the bail I told them.
 Oh heavens I am so confused, these are very important and extremely educated people.
 It was either me, or them! 
 The skies. By Yildiz Ilkin

      Thousands of years ago when our ancestors crossed the Bering Strait, they carried with them many words. The most important regarding Canadian history was one of the first words heard upon arriving, Kanata.
Kanata is defined as the act of "going to the Kanat", a word linked famously to Central Asia's Kanats. Its story begins with a long journey which gradually transformed itself on Canadian soil to reference a spiritual connotation, initially originating out of Africa. Called our moving and labelling ancestry.
It is also part of the first discussion with Jacques Cartier in 1534 upon landing in the new world. What was once misinterpreted as settlement (its other meaning if we move the phonetics slightly of blood leader does not apply here), actually has a broader definition and means a protective "Wing Cover".
The Bering crossover which began approximately 50,000 years ago started the maturation of many indigenous languages in the Americas. However, research illustrated some words especially words linked to the skies did not change where Kanat in proto-shamanic Turkic is the noun and Kanat'ta - the ending a or ta as pronounced, is a suffix ending, and means the act of going to the wing cover.
Kanata today is part of our proud Native heritage and is where the story and its history begins. In the future, the concept of wings will not only represent freedom but also humanities push for global environmental sustainability. Customs which are still interlinked with Native traditions and left to us as a cultural inheritance.
The several publications, research documents and one historical book in series format gives us a real perception breaker, the birds eye view from the sky to distinguish and analyze what it means to be progressive. It is also the start of massive changes in giving a hand, the voice of reason of a female, to the process of evolving.
The underlying thesis is an overview of the past, and what went wrong historically. With the end result being promoting all the futuristic proposals, inclusive of pilot projects, in pushing progress and change. 
President and CEO,
Yildiz Ilkin